By Cillian O’Sullivan 
July brought some fresh music into the world. Here are some albums
which you shouldn’t let pass you by.
1) ‘The Sailor’ by Rich Brian:
Rich Brian returns with a new found vocal talent and production value. This album
reveals the sounds of Rich Brian’s voice when he is released from his deep monotone flows. Combine this with a powerful production, creating a unique hue to the album, and a series of poetically executed lyrics such as, “All these thoughts I have in
my head, got me blinded from the sunset. I’m tryin’ hard to stop the rain, ’cause smilin’ doesn’t feel the same”,and you’ve got yourself a journey through the honest mind of an artist which can’t be missed. ‘The Big Day’ by Chance the Rapper: Despite popular opinion, this album is excellent. It is a work of art painted with intertwining melodies and resonating bass riffs. It gives off the energy of a gospel on crack. I believe this
album’s bad reputation was derived from a sea of people with expectations that were too high, and that were filled with too much excitement, being presented with an album
that was too long. People got lazy, skimmed over the album, and gave a quick opinion. Don’t listen to them. Stick this album in your playlist and enjoy the experience.
3) ‘Erys’ by Jaden Smith:
This album arrived with lack of hype. It gingerly slid into my playlist one day. I loved
Smith’s last album, so I thought I’d give this one a go. From the beginning, I felt this album was going to flicker out before it’s flame was lit. However, I was suddenly greeted
with a deep, melodious album of genius experimentation hitting the nail on the head. Jaden continues to be his true self on his albums and it shows. ‘Erys’ is weird and unique. It feeds your headphones with colour and inspiration and deserves a spot on your playlist.
4) ‘The Search’ by NF:
Honest, intense, and heartbreaking, NF’s latest album unleashes the darkness
from inside him. This album is a great expression of pain and allows you to take a walk on the rougher side of life. Through heavy beats and pyroclastic flows, NF brings the demon of entertainment to your ears. “Got a taste of the fame, had to pump my stomach”, NF explains on this album, giving us a feel of how his troubled mind has been working. Face reality, release your pain, and listen to this album.
5) ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ by Ed Sheeran:
Simple, catchy, and unfailingly chart topping, Ed Sheeran’s latest album is a usual suspect. However, you can’t skip a playlist of songs collaborated with everyone’s favorite
artists. These songs will be everywhere for the next foreseeable future, and they are catchy and fun. Get involved, have a listen.



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