1. The semi colon is a way of joining two clauses of equal importance to each other; it links ideas together. It’s not to be confused with a comma, a full stop or a colon. (This was the first and possibly most important lesson in my Creative Writing class). 


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2. Water is the essence of beauty.


3. Pasta is extremely diverse – one can survive on pasta for up to six days a week. (Well, I’m still here, aren’t I?!)


4. Procrastination has its pros. (I’m pretty much the queen of all nighters when it comes to assignments and study. Over the years I have tried to change my work and writing style, but I’ve finally accepted that my best work is produced under pressure. And that’s okay).


5. Shut up complaining! I don’t know about you, but I like to complain. I whinge about the weather, about assignments, I say I have “writers block”, about the cost of a purple snack bar… But sometimes this can take over, and become a complete distraction from the opportunities we are all surrounded by. We are so lucky. There is no excuse for needless complaining.


6. Most landlords are greedy demon spawn.


7. Four cups of coffee in a row is too many cups of coffee.


 8.Buy a bra that actually fits.


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9. It’s okay not to know what you’re going to do after college. I wasted a lot of this academic year worrying about what I’m going to do afterwards. I researched master’s degrees, loans to do the masters, graduate visas, sugar Daddy’s (lol, jk!)… But then I woke up one morning, and had a good chat with myself over a cup of coffee… “You’re only 22 years old. The years after you graduate are so open and filled with opportunity… Write, travel, learn, take risks, stop worrying”.


10. Make sure to find out where the best coffee on campus is.


11. “I’m a student/I’m in college” is a justification for almost anything. Drinking at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon? Have a messy bedroom? Need to get a taxi for a few euro less? Stayed up till 6am watching Disney movies? Haven’t eaten anything but cereal in 2 days? Accidentally killed somebody? Most of these can be justified by your student status … most.


12. Leaving your teens does not mean leaving spotty skin behind. Adult acne is a thing too.


13. You don’t need to drink to have fun. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of pre-drinks followed by pub drinks followed by club drinks followed by after party drinks followed by the cure drinks… But it turns out that being sober can be just as much craic. In fact, so much craic that I probably should have put this as number one on the list.


14Two cups of green tea isn’t going to cleanse you of the pre drinks followed by pub drinks followed by pub drinks followed by after party drinks binge. Nor is two days of healthy eating going to turn you into an Instagram babe.


15. Re read 13 & 14.


16. You can iron your clothes with your hair straightener.


17. Return your library books. It’s not that hard.


18. You don’t have to read all of the books. You don’t even have to buy half of the books. But remember – you get out what you put in.


19. Don’t eat in the library, PC suite, lectures, or while you are walking. Just take 15 minutes for yourself and go eat somewhere appropriate. (This is more a plea to the masses than a lesson I have learnt. Please).


20. Save some of your cash money dolla bills. Don’t rush into Penny’s the minute you get paid. Seriously, you don’t need three candles, fluffy socks and that pair of shoes you haven’t even tried on.


21. Back up your photos/computer documents/that novel you are working on ….


22. Never reply to a message when you are angry. Or drunk (or both).