Minister for Education, Norma Foley, promises that 6th year secondary school students WILL sit a traditional Leaving Certificate this year.

Students took to the internet this week pleading with the minister for education to cancel this year’s Leaving Cert. Their complaints come at a time when the Irish government staggered school re-openings and introduced three-day school week due to the Covid-19.

One student said ‘we’ve missed too much class time. We so far behind on curriculum that it wouldn’t possibly to have a “traditional leaving cert” when our learning has been far from traditional.’

Foley, like an Irish mammy getting her child for school, too to Twitter to reply ‘yizzer doing that poxy I couldn’t give a shite.’

The situation around this year’s Leaving Cert looks precarious despite minister Foley’s claims to have a traditional Leaving Cert this year. More to follow.

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