A groundskeeper at a Sligo church reported a suspicious noise coming from W.B Yeats’s grave that sounded like him doing flips after Taoiseach, Micheál Martin quoted him during a briefing today.

Lockdown is in full-swing this week as Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations are at an all-time high. The re-opening of schools are delayed as a result but the government has been decided that Leaving Cert students will return to classes for three days per week from Monday.

“Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart,” says the Taoiseach, invoking Yeats.

It is reported that the groundskeeper approached Yeats’ grave to see what was the matter. At first he heard a lot of rustling and then heard something that sounded like mumbling.

“What’s the problem, Yeatsy? Someone saying you look like Eamon Dev again is it?”

The groundskeeper said that he couldn’t quite make out what Yeats said but that it sounded something along the lines of “tell that muppet to shut up.”

The stirring stopped soon after.

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