With average housing prices at an historic low, The Spanner interviews a thrilled local Dublin Resident who has successfully purchased her own studio apartment. 

Tara Connelly (51) discusses her success in finally managing to obtain a mortgage for a one-bedroom studio apartment in the heart of Dublin City. 

“I was thrilled to have found the apartment at such a bargain price. €2.5 million in the city centre? Sign me up!” 

Tara discussed how difficult it was to fight off feral house hunters who were throwing their wallets at real estate agents. “I still have a scar from a particularly desperate house hunter, who hit me with her phone when I offered more for the apartment we were viewing.” 

Asked about inflating house prices and how Dublin house prices used to be below the 2 million mark, Ms. Connelly had this to say: “I can’t believe that a property could have been listed for such a low price!” 

Another potential homeowner spoke with us, claiming that Ms. Connelly was the most violent house hunter he had ever come across. “She threw her shoe at me when I attempted to make an offer.”  Shifting from one foot to another, Ms. Connelly denied the claim, stating “I was trying to hit a fly, he just happened to be in the way.” 

The apartment in question is a beautiful example of urban engineering and full of character. With an open plan kitchen-living-room-bedroom design, the property has plenty of space to sit back, relax and have a cup of tea without the hindrance of doors or privacy. 

The bathroom boasts a healthy infestation of rats for the city dwellers pet- related needs.  With tunnels throughout the apartment, Ms. Connelly’s little roommates can join her anywhere. 

Come summer, Tara discussed the joy of electricity free ventilation. “The tunnels let a brilliant breeze flow throughout the apartment, and when I was viewing it in June, the lack of rooms only helped keep me cool.”

Displaying the typical Irish entrepreneurial spirit, Tara briefly mentioned the excitement she felt about potential added income from selling some of her new furry friends as pets to other homeowners.  “It’s really going to be a big help in paying off the mortgage.” 

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