It’s that time of year again. The all night study sessions and the hours
of procrastination over an essay are nearly over. We want to give you
the chance to let loose because we’re sound out. Next Thursday the 16th
of April we’re having the mother of all exam partys at Krystle Nightclub
and you’re invited. This sesh will put all those lame nights out in
Coppers to shame.

We love all of you and we want you to have the best night of your life
so not only will you get free in but your first drink is on US! Sounds
too good to be true doesn’t it? Well somehow it’s not, all you have to
do to join us on this wild night of drinking and partying is sign up to
our favourite mobile bank N26. It takes just eight minutes and on top of
it all – you get €20 in your new account when you use our promo code
which you can get by joining the guestlist at You see what we do for you? You can thank
us later for that extra round of tequila shots!

So basically, we’re giving you the benefit of one of the best mobile
banks around and an epic night out in one. It’s like saying to somebody
‘to get this free Ferrari you need to sign up to get this free Rolex
watch’ except we promise this will be much better. Just show your email
with the confirmation saying ‘Your MasterCard is on the way’ on the
night and let the party begin. Signing up to N26 is completely free by
the way, nobody is trying to scam you for your hard earned bucks – check
out all the benefits and why we love them on



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