The SFI have  agreed to sponsor the 2020 National Student Media Awards, rewarding the hard work done by students writing about scientific developments in student media. Showcasing and award for this allows for students to be rewarded for promoting an engagement with STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well as showcasing the innovative work being done within Irish scientific community. 

The SFI believes in the potential for these fields to impact our daily lives as well as our society and economy as a whole. As well as investing in public awareness from an early age onwards, The SFI encourages those interested in STEM areas to pursue work in these fields by giving them every opportunity they can. They invest in people’s careers at every stage whether they’re secondary school science teachers or world leading experts. 

The SFI applies this ethos into their partnerships, partnering with Multi-National Companies, Small to Medium sized businesses and startups. They have provide essential infrastructure through their sixteen SFI Research centres which all focus on different areas of research and enhance Ireland’s reputation in Science. Because of the exemplary work done by the SFI, Ireland is ranked twelfth in global scientific ranking and higher in specific areas of scientific research. We at the National Student Media Awards are proud to be a part of the important work being done by the SFI by hosting the ‘SFI Science Writer of the Year’ Award.