We are delighted to once again be partnered with the RSA to provides a category that promotes the hard work done by student journalism in promoting road safety

The National Student Media Awards is proud to be partnered with the Road Safety Authority and the good work they do. The RSA improves road safety in four distinct ways; education, enforcement, engineering, and evaluation. They promote road safety awareness through ad campaigns and awards like The RSA Award offered at the Smedias. The RSA helps establish and enforce through things like penalty points and overseeing the system of driver licensing. They improve vehicle standards by and monitoring implementations. They put in a tremendous amount of research in collisions and road safety in order to develop measures in

Their current aim is clearly set in their strategy called Closing The Gap where they have been keeping in line with the EU’s road safety strategy since 2013. We at the National Student Media Awards are proud to be partnered with such an important governmental body.