The National Student Media Awards are delighted to once again be partnering with The Road Safety Authority to present ‘RSA Award for Journalism in Road Safety

This award is important for the Road Safety Authority as it fulfills their aim of reducing the number and severity of collisions on the road by helping the students be better informed on road safety.

Whether you’re walking home from a night out, cycling to school, or driving home, every student is impacted by travel and therefore by the hard work done the Road Safety Authority to make travel safer in Ireland.

‘The RSA Award for Journalism’ acknowledges the important work done by students who help bring attention to road safety for students. Applicants for the award can be a written piece, radio output, or a TV segment.

The RSA recognise the importance of young journalists covering the topic of road safety which is why we are delighted that they have once again chosen to partner with the National Student Media Awards in order to promote road safety in student journalism.

For more details on how to enter this category click here.



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