We are delighted to have the The Irish Examiner as sponsors of ‘Journalist of the Year’ award yet again at this years National Student Media Awards! 

Founded in 1841 The Irish Examiner has kept the people of Ireland informed on national and international news stories for the last 175 years.

The Irish Examiner is one of the biggest newspapers in the country with a highly esteemed reputation and a strong support system for helping budding journalists to further their careers.

The Irish Examiner is the perfect sponsor for our ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award as it has a great reputation with the Irish public across the country and it supports up-and-coming journalists in this category at The Smedias. 

With The Irish Examiner sponsoring our ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award at this years Smedias we will be sure to find some of the best young journalists that Ireland has to offer!