We are delighted to announce that Irishmirror.ie has agreed to sponsor the award for “Sports Writer of the Year” for the National Student Media Awards. Irishmirror.ie has built itself a reputation in their own right in the Irish Market.

Their sister paper the Irish Sunday Mirror enjoys strong sales in both the digital and physical market, remarkably managing to show growth in both their daily and weekly tabloid paper. Their growth can be attributed to many things such as their high social media presence, with over 39,000 followers on twitter and over 650,000 followers on Facebook. This allows them to have a real online community for the content they produce.

Another aspect that can explain their popularity is their website and digital output which focuses on sports, news, and celebrity gossip making the paper more than just a source of news but also a source of entertainment in its own right. It is for this reason that we would like to once again thank Irishmirror.ie for sponsoring the category of “Sports Writer of the Year”.

We would like to thank Irishmirror.ie again for their sponsorship and wish the best of luck to all of our entrants. Applications are closed  on the 19th of March
For more details on how to enter this category click here.