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The 2019 National Student Media Awards takes place on Thursday April 11th. The Smedias recognise and reward the talent in the Irish student media industry, with categories for print, radio, digital, and photographic media pieces.

This year, our ‘Sports Writer of the Year’ category is sponsored by The Irish Daily Mirror. Established in 1993, and with a circulation of over 230,000 in both print and online, the paper has developed its own reputation separate to the London-based Daily Mirror, and we’re delighted to have their support!

A key part of the paper’s appeal is its strong digital offering, which makes it particularly popular with a younger audience. The paper is especially well regarded as a source of entertainment – not just news – and has hugely popular sports, celebrity, and lifestyle sections. The website also hosts a sports and betting podcast, supported by Ladbrokes.

Asides from the paper’s own website, they also have a strong social media presence. With nearly 37,000 followers on Twitter, and over half a million followers on Facebook, there is a real online community which engages with the news and entertainment that the paper produces.