The sponsors of the “Sports Writer of the Year” award at this year’s National Student Media Awards, the Irish Daily Mirror has been covering news stories that fight for better working conditions, education and health services.

Launching their online platform in 2013, the Irish Mirror has prided themselves on their coverage of major sporting events, from live-blogging all the country’s big GAA and rugby matches, to providing post-match analysis on the Premier League, including breaking news stories, predictions, transfers and the online Debate with sporting professionals on the days matches.  

This standard of reporting led the Irish Mirror to win the ‘front page of the year’ award at the 2017 Irish Press Awards.

The Irish Mirror is a partner of the The Trust Project, “a consortium of top news companies led by award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman,” which aims to ensure transparency among readers, so they can easily assess the quality of the journalist’s work.

Last year’s winner was Ryan Clarke and we are thrilled to have the continued support from the Irish Daily Mirror, supporting young sports writers build their portfolio and find a footing in the industry.