A green deal, social fairness in the economy, new generations of technology, the European Union and a pushing for democracy are the pillars that the European Commission strives to achieve by 2024 and these priorities are reflected in the standard of submissions to this year’s “Journalism relating to EU Affairs” award.

Made up of 55 department agencies ranging from agriculture and rural development to trade, taxation and customs union, the European Commission make decisions on the political and strategic direction of the European Union.

On top of the European Voluntary Service and the EU Aid Volunteers, the European Commission also offers twice a year, paid traineeships for five-month periods in administrative or translations internships. These traineeships also give hands-on experience in policymaking.

The work can take students to Brussels and Luxembourg and elsewhere in the European Union.

The European Commission also works with the likes of the European Parliament, Court of Justice and Committee of the Regions, European Ombudsman and other institutions that offer traineeships to young people interested in the workings of the institutes and gaining valuable hands-on experience that will serve them in their careers.

Last year’s winner was Jessie Dolliver from Trinity College Dublin and we commend the work our partners in the European Commission do to embrace the role of the media in their workings.