This year’s sponsors of the ‘Journalism relating to the Environment’ award, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), creates and delivers specialised lessons to students at both the primary and secondary levels of education.

Working with students is a core value of the EPA, who work closely with schools to create and distribute a ‘Geography Pack’ tailored for the Leaving Certificate syllabus. This package is to develop the knowledge and provide better understanding for its grass-roots application in everyday life. 

Among the resources available to students, the EPA runs an annual competition called ‘The Story of Your Stuff’. This video competition is aimed at secondary school students and asks them to tell a visual story of an everyday object in their life, focusing on how it’s made and what it becomes when it’s recycled. The winner is announced in April.

The interactive learning of ‘Science and Technology in Action’ is made in partnership with science-orientated organisations in the private and public sectors to deliver lessons on topics such as climate change, sewage treatment, environmental technologies and waste. With the collaboration overseen by practicing teachers and advisors, each lesson uses case studies related to the organisations involved in the project.

All there learning materials are available on their website at