We all know the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning and feeling absolutely dreadful. Or worse, waking up on a Monday morning, feeling absolutely dreadful and having to go to work. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you out because we’re a sound bunch of lads 🙂

Don’t Mix your drinks

This is sometimes unavoidable but if you can stick to the one poison than it’s a lot easier on your stomach/head. Of course you want a wild night every so often but keep in mind that the more you meander between lager and spirits, the worse you’re going to feel in the morning. We know how hard it is to turn down those shots of tequila but stay strong folks.

Get an Irish breakfast into you

When you wake up feeling like death, your body really needs nourishment and a good hearty Irish breakfast is exactly what you need. Sure didn’t Jesus and all the disciples all sit down and have a big fry up in the lesser known ‘The Last Breakfast’ after an epic sesh.


Drink Lots of Water

A big reason why you feel so shite in the morning is because you’re dehydrated. Get some pints of good aul uisce into you before you settle down for the night and you won’t wake up feeling like you’ve just spent 2 weeks in the Sahara desert without water.

The Hair of the Dog

This is for the wild ones among us. Sometimes the best way to get rid of that horrible feeling is to just keep drinking. You may look like an alco with a glass of whiskey at breakfast while everyone else is drinking tea and coffee but extensive research from the University of Mad Sesh’s proves this to be an effective way of coping.

Trow a bit of Ginger in the Barrys’ tea

This is a weird one but studies show that the elements in Ginger help to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover-or something like that anyway. Sure it’s worth a go…