The Sraith Pictiúr section of the Leaving Cert Irish oral exam is under heavy consideration that it should be cut from this year’s exams due to staggered school re-openings.

Last week the Irish government announced a new wave of national restrictions due to a surge in Covid cases over the Christmas break.

The re-opening of schools has been delayed as part of the new wave of government restrictions. This has left Leaving Cert students with less time to learn the rest of their curriculum and schools have considered cutting sections of the exams as a result. The Sraith Pictiúr is the first section of the exams that have come under scrutiny.

‘Someone please think of the Sraith Pictiúr! How will our children be armed with essential life skills if they can’t do their Sraith Pcituir?!’ says one Irish Mammy on Twitter.

The Irish Public Health Physician, Tony Holohan said ‘don’t worry, we will do everything in our power to protect the summit of Irish of culture that is the Sraith Pictiúr.’

Decisions over the Sraith Pictiúr’s inclusion in the Leaving Cert 2021 should be decided. We’re actually not sure. The government just spins a wheel every evening to see what restrictions they’ll introduce next.

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