We are proud to once again be featuring the ‘SFI Science Writer of the Year’ in the 2020 National Student Media Awards. This award is given to the applicant who has written and published the best article relating to science or technology.

The Science Foundation Ireland promotes and funds research in four areas, science technology, engineering, and mathematics, across Ireland with their underlying aim to develop Ireland into one of the global leaders of scientific development and research.

They do this through a number of different ways, including finding talented researchers and supporting their career at every stage and partnering with small companies and MNCs that develop the scientific community in Ireland. Another major part of their work is the promotion of the work being done by the science community in Ireland.

We are delighted that the SFI has chosen to pursue their aims through the National Student Media Awards as it shows students that scientific research and innovation needs work that can both exhibit a clear understanding of the topic being discussed and clearly communicates their topic to the average reader. We are honoured to have their continued support for the Smedias we are sure to find this year’s best science writer in Ireland!