Science Foundation Ireland have returned to sponsor The National Student Media Awards (Smedias) with an award and a €1000 prize for the student producing the best Journalism Relating to Science and Technology.

Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) are sponsoring the category this year and will be judging submissions based on work that has a clear understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields and showcases the innovative work being done in Irish science.

In a time of immense political, economic, cultural and social shift, journalism has a vital role to play in informing the public about science and technology, with unbiased, factual stories that educate and promote public awareness of key issues. From vaccinations, to climate change, the media has enormous influence on public behaviour and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) believes accurate, unbiased journalism covering these stories can hugely improve the world by addressing fake-news and disinformation.

SFI Student Journalism Bursary aims to attract and support new journalistic talent, across all media platforms, to deliver compelling, well researched stories about science and technology. This aims to help educate and engage the public, so that all citizens can actively participate in decision making that can transform the way we live, for a brighter and more sustainable society and economy, now and into the future.

Submissions for the Smedias will be opening early 2021. Now is the time to think about what you could write to be in with a chance of winning this category. Be sure to check and visit to join in on the SFI’s conversation.