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Several conspiracy theorists have claimed that the recent leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities was nothing more than a publicity stunt to promote the film Sex Tape, which is kinda in the same ball park as the scandal, in the sense that the story heavily relies on the concept of the “Cloud”.

However, considering that none of the cast involved in the film were victims of The Fappening, it is highly unlikely that the two are in any way related, although Cameron Diaz, who stars in the film, did make her opinions on the recent scandal public on a talk show earlier this week.

Sex Tape also stars Jason Segal who plays Diaz’s husband and the plot unfolds around the couple who decide to film themselves doing a bit of the ole’ in and out in order to spice up their marriage, but when the video accidentally gets leaked to several of their friends and family, hilarity ensues… Not!

With the exception of a few laughs, most of which come from Rob Lowe’s character, Sex Tape is the definition of a snorefest. The writing is uninspired and relies heavily on the audience never having seen any other comedy film ever in their entire lives.

Anyone thinking they might see a bit of nudity, you know because the film is called Sex Tape, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Apart from a bit of side-boob and far too much of Jason Segal’s bare ass, it’s about as raunchy as an episode of Winning Streak.

Sex Tape is playing in Cinemas Nationwide Now


Cian Taaffe



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