We are delighted that Screen Ireland sponsors the ‘Film script of the year’ Award at The National Student Media Awards!

Formerly known as The Irish Film Board, Screen Ireland has been the driving force for the development of Irish film, television and animation since 1993.

Some notable films that have been funded by Screen Ireland include The Wind that shakes the Barley (2006) and the Oscar winning Once (2007) and Brooklyn (2015).

Irish film’s influence on the movie industry is constantly growing thanks to Screen Ireland. These Irish films are recognised around the world at festivals and award shows. There have been many successes recently such as  Vivarium (2019) and Calm With Horses (2019) which was nominated for several awards at the British Academy Film Awards.

It’s no surprise that Screen Ireland is the best sponsor for our ‘Film Script of the Year’ Award. They have prestigious reputation for being able to take small ideas and getting them on to the big screen.

Entering a script for this award is a big opportunity to show your creativity and originality!

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