Banks. The modern students arch nemesis. Always showing you how much money you don’t have, constantly letting you buy double vodka’s on a night out and you know that whole crashing the global economy thing. On a general basis banks are kinda terrible, and on a rare case, they’re just kinda archaic but functional. But apparently they don’t have to be that way, N26 the mobile-first bank promises to take a modern approach to banking and offer a breath of fresh air to what is mostly a stagnant system. So we decided to examine their claim.

So N26 market themselves as the first bank ‘you’ll love’ and they mainly base this claim on their modern approach to banking and in fairness to them it is quite modern. Signing up for N26 is an extremely streamlined process, you download the app, enter your info, take a selfie(who doesn’t love that) and upload a picture of your passport. No travelling, waiting in lines or having to engage with an actual human person which is always a plus. Its all mobile base for the most part and for this reason they’ve seemed to have put a lot of effort and care into their app design. It’s actually quite cool…well as cool as an app for a bank can be I suppose.

Despite its modern approach to banking, N26 isn’t simply a money sharing app. N26 is actually a fully European recognized and regulated bank which means your money is safe and offer 0% charges on non-euro spending. So you can tap your card to your heart’s content in America and not have to worry about racking up a needless extra expense.

But if we’re being honest the main selling point of this bank is convenience and they’re fully aware of that. They’re not tryna sell us pipe dreams of a house before I turn 25 and a mortgage I’ll end up spending the rest of my life paying back or inspirational ads of people playing hurling or whatever and just stuff we really don’t care about. We want our bank to help us, ya know bank? Like sending us a little update everytime a transaction is made with our card, or if we lose our card letting us lock it with our phone and the unlocking it when we eventually find it in the jeans we wore the night before. N26 does all of that. Just imagine a world where you can access your bank account through the fingerprint scanner on your phone. Maybe we need to dream bigger, I honestly don’t know. All I know is that N26 works, and it works well. And that’s enough for us.

PS. You can get a free ISIC card and 20 euro if you sign up for N26 so there’s always that.



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