If you’re looking for an entertaining and funny film that also has depth and meaning then I might have something just for you. Booksmart tells the story of Amy and Molly, two seemingly straight edge, high achieving students who attempt to immerse themselves in the wilder side of life by going partying the night before their graduation.

I have to admit this film took me by surprise. I expected an unsophisticated comedy with immature humour. We’ve seen plenty of that ilk before. Sure, they’re good for a bit of a laugh but they are hardly the type of film to stay in your mind for longer than 5 minutes. Booksmart certainly does not fit into that category. In fact, i’m not sure it really fits into a category at all. It is a comedy film but has far more depth than your average slapstick comedy.

However, the film still has those laugh out loud moments. The character of Mollie, who is brilliantly portrayed by Beanie Feldstein, is particularly hilarious and gives a real light and energy to the film. The chemistry between Mollie and the quiet, more reserved Amy works really well and the two very different characters offer perspective.

One of the important themes of this film is friendship and we see this in the relationship between Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Mollie (Beanie Feldstein). It’s a modern relationship and one that many can relate to. That’s probably one of the best things about this film. It exposes the themes and issues with modern society and some of the things that young people, particularly young women, go through. In that sense it is film that the younger generation can really relate to.

This is a film that will live long in the memory should you go see it and I highly recommend you do. Hopefully, it will open the door for more films like this that approach issues so honestly and in such an hilarious way.