Aidan Turner

This Irishman is arguably most famous his role as Ross Poldark in the hit TV series Poldark. He also stars in the Kili in The Lord of the Rings films.


He’s got the charm and looks to take on the character. We know he can boss the English accent and he’d be well able to cope with the physical demands of being James Bond.


In comparison to the other candidates, he’s relatively inexperienced.

Bond Rating- 7.5

Idris Elba

The star of Luther, The Wire and American Gangster amongst others has been linked with the role for some time now.


No one can question his acting pedigree and experience. He’s used to playing the rogue and devilish and would absolutely be able to portray the charm and charisma of the character. His selection would also make a big statement and an important one at that.


At 46 he is one of the older candidates which could hold him back if producers are looking for younger Bond after Craig.

Bond Rating- 8.5

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston aka Loki has publicly stated his support for an Idris Elba James Bond but that hasn’t stopped people linking him to the role.


He’s a classic Bond in many ways. He’s got that upper class English accent and would fit the bill physically as well. He would be a hugely popular candidate with his fans and James Bond fans alike.


If the producers are looking for something a bit different for the next James Bond then Tom Hiddleston wouldn’t exactly fit that bill. He also just seems a bit too nice and I’d imagine him apologising profusely to every villain he hits.

Bond Rating -7.5

Richard Madden

The Game of Thrones Star is one of the more surprising candidates we’ve heard being mentioned with his role in the hit TV series Bodyguard likely to have played a part.


He’d be a popular choice among GOT fans and his role as David Budd in Bodyguard really exemplified his talent. Holding a gun also really suits him.


We have yet to hear him perform the accent which could be a potential issue unless producers want a Bond with a thick Scottish accent. He may also be a little on the young side which may be a disadvantage/advantage depending on what age range producers are looking for.

Bond Rating -6.5

James Norton

The English actor has starred in Rush alongside Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl and in the TV series’ Black Mirror, War and Peace and Doctor Who.


Norton is a young and talented up and coming actor whose been nominated for a British Academy award for his role in Happy Valley. If successful, he could be Bond for years.


He’s got relatively little experience in a starring role and it might be a bit much to go straight to playing James Bond. He is young enough to still be a consideration for the following Bond once he has a bit more experience under his belt though.

Bond Rating- 6.5

Cillian Murphy

The second Irishman on our list is the star of The Wind that Shakes the Barley,Inception and 28 Days Later among many, many others.


Cillian Murphy has been a very recognisable face of Irish and International cinema for quite a while now but it’s his role in the Birmingham based TV series Peaky Blinders that make him a very suitable candidate for the next James Bond. He plays a rogue womaniser who doesn’t play by the rules. Sound like someone else? He also performs well in some pretty cool action sequences.


Recent James Bond actors have to do a lot of media work and their face will be plastered everywhere.Renowned for being pretty shy and preferring to avoid the limelight he may not be as accommodating to producers wanting to put him in the spotlight. With Peaky Blinders set to continue for at least another 2 seasons, he’s also likely to be a very busy man.

Bond Rating- 8

Rosamund Pike

Star of Gone Girl and Jack Reacher Rosamund Pike could be set to the first female Bond.


She’s a hugely talented actress who would have the ability to pull off the role. It would certainly be a statement from the producers but one that might not be the worst idea. We know that Pike has no problem with those intense action sequences after watching her in The Worlds End where she fought off those blue alien robot things with ease.


Much of the coverage would end up being about her gender rather than the film itself. Also, she has already been in a James Bond film as the villian Miranda Frost and this is likely to complicate things.

Bond Rating- 7