We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the Science Foundation of Ireland to bring back a category that proved immensely popular the last time we ran it in 2015, The Science Writer Of The Year.

If you’ve written an article about, or relating to, the sciences and had it published in a student publication since March 2nd 2016 then we want to hear from you. Whether it was an article about the confirmation of the existence, and developing understanding, of gravitational waves; or about just how Brian Cox manages to maintain such a high standard of sex appeal when roughly 50% of his head is comprised of teeth, then we want you to send your work in!

If you think this sounds like a great opportunity then check out how to enter the category here.

As this category is a slightly late addition to the Smedias, the closing date for entries will be 5pm March 9th 2017.

The Science Foundation of Ireland is dedicated to ensuring the continual growth of the scientific sector in Ireland. They work to create grants for individuals and organisations involved in STEM subjects with the aim of consolidating Ireland’s position as a global leader in the areas of scientific research and development.

Their funding aims to encourage research and development in key areas that will help to further basic understanding of broad bases of knowledge which provide the groundwork for further, more specialised research. They also fund specialised research into key scientific fields that are specifically directed specifically to achieving a particular aim or objective and which, potentially, will have a commercial use. 

By partnering with the Smedias they are highlighting their commitment to both enhancing, and showcasing the incredible importance of, scientific innovation in Ireland. Journalism focusing on scientific topics is often something of an outlier in traditional journalism and its importance can often be overlooked. As such it is great to have a category dedicated to recognising the many quality articles that are written by students relating to this field, and indeed to hopefully encourage more focus to be given to this area.

To find out more about the Science Foundation or Ireland why not visit their website.