Love Island 2018 Breakups So Far

Cheating, lying and being ‘loyal’. Here is the full story of the Love Island 2018 break-ups so far.

Frankie and Samira

Samira left the villa to be with Frankie. However, it seems Frankie might not have been as into Samira as she was with him. Footage was leaked in August of Frankie kissing a girl in a nightclub. Apparently he told the girl he was kissing the nightclub that his romance with Samira is ‘just for show’. The leaked photos resulted in Samira breaking it off with Frankie. Talk about drama!


Charlie and Ellie

Charlie announced via Instagram story that he and Ellie split in late September. Apparently, Charlie went a date with a mystery woman in a restaurant while they were still together. Photos of the date surfaced on social media, resulting in a huge argument. Straight after the argument, Charlie rushed onto Instagram to announce their split. This was without Ellie’s knowledge, leaving her to find out they have broken up by the internet.


Laura and Paul

These two have parted due to failure to spend enough time together. Paul went away to The Burning Man festival for 3 weeks soon after they left the villa and couldn’t get any phone signal to contact Laura at all. When he got back, Laura thought they could finally start building theor relationship together. This didn’t happen, resulting in them calling it quits. Laura has since deleted him on all social media as she doesn’t want to know what he is up to.


Jack and Laura

Less than a week after leaving the villa together, the couple split. They never really made it official and didn’t want to rush things. Unlike the other splits, this break up was actually very civil. The reason for their break up is due to their busy schedules.


Georgia and Sam

This is the most recent and probably the most explosive love island break ups (so far). Everything all started to go downhill when Georgia decided to stay over at her ex’s house, without Sam knowing. Though Georgia claims she slept in a separate bed, she send a picture to her friends of her in bed with her ex, for the laugh. A few days later, Sam looked into Georgia’s phone and found the messages. This resulted in a huge argument and Sam ending things with Georgia. Messy.

By Aoife Crilly



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