Your local gobshite is at it again. Yes, they’re sitting in on a Zoom class and they look absolutely in bits because they’ve stayed up late reading and watching videos about conspiracy theories.

“Have you seen the video about Nicole Kidman bathes herself in baby’s blood to stay young? What about the Donald Trump pee tape? Have you seen that”. Stay in school kids Or better yet, stay away from these fools in school.

There’s a notorious history of people running rabbit holes over conspiracy theories like this and others like “The Illuminati are real and they’re making Eminem do mad things”. These people are the same people who talk about superheroes like saviours. If you poke them enough about why they’re into this stuff they’ll act like religious fanatics. Don’t mind them!

Another pure gas thing about conspiracy theories is that there always seems to be something new and deeper to uncover like it’s the plot of a Thomas Pynchon book where the postmen secretly run the world because they have access to all the mail.

Don’t mind these lads.