The Irish Independent sponsors the “Editor of the Year” at the National Student Media Awards.

As part of the Independent News and Media PLC (INM), The Irish Independent provides high quality global, national, and local news to the Irish public. The Irish Independent’s goal is to be a relevant and trusted news source in every community they serve. They have achieved this goal through their website, and newspapers that contain information that is accurate, up to date and includes of many different points of view.

By sponsoring the “Editor of the Year” category the Irish Independent highlighted their desire to deliver news to everyone and support students who focus on highlighting those who strive to maintain the quality of their respective newspapers.

We are beyond excited that a prestigious national newspaper like the Irish Independent sponsors the “Editor of the Year” category and shows that their prolific reputation puts special attention to editorial work.

We would like to thank The Irish Independent again for their sponsorship and wish the best of luck to all of our entrants.

Applications are open from March 1st 2021. Deadline for applications are April 15th.

For more details on how to enter this category click here.