How to Stop Seeing Your Ex Everywhere Online

how to stop seeing your ex everywhere onlineEternal Sunshine and Block Your Ex are both plugins that eradicate any evidence of you ex for you. All you have to do is type in all their social media account information and it does the job in less than a minute (depending on your internet connection).Yes, it’s that easy. Now they’re gone from your end of the internet.

Since apps on the market now range from educational to strange, it goes without saying that apps that help you get rid of your ex tick the strange box. (It kind of makes you wonder how heartbroken the geek who made it was.)

When a relationship ends so badly that you end up viewing your ex as the Devil incarnate yet you don’t have the willpower to fully cut them out of your life, these bandage apps will be your saviour.

Not being able to heal from a breakup may have something to do with the fact that social media, being our main way to keep a multitude of people in our lives, makes it very hard to forget that one special someone. The constant reminder that they have moved on and don’t miss you is always evident every time they post a picture of themselves at a house party with someone isn’t you.

From that perspective, it naturally makes sense for there to be apps that help you hide your ex from yourself. No need to add salt to the already gunk-filled wound that is your broken heart.

Thankfully, you can now avoid the pain of involuntarily having to see them on your social media without actually having to block or delete them. So on those lonely nights in where you choose to go back and creep, at least you are actively choosing to inflict that pain on yourself.

You can download Eternal Sunshine here, or Block Your Ex here.

By Zainab Boladale