Maybe you’re working the summer or maybe it’s just a holiday. Either way, America is a pretty crazy place and there’s some rules you have to stick to.

Tip Well if you can

We all know America’s worker rights laws are dubious to say the least. You might find yourself working in such a position and you’ll be grateful people that tip you fairly. As a result of essentially relying on tips to survive you’ll generally find waiters and waitresses to be overly friendly and a little OTT. But be nice and tip well.

Take Money in Different Forms

I say this for pretty much every travel advice article but it’s really important. The last thing you need is to lose your wallet and end up having to beg your parents to send you money. We’d recommend signing up to N26 to help make a your a life a little less stressful. We wan’t you to have the best craic but also want you to feel safe and secure and N26 is dead handy and should give you some peace of mind.

Get Health Insurance

This is an obvious one but it’s absolutely essential. In Merica they charge you for things like getting sick or injuring yourself so be sure to have all that sorted out before you go.We really hope nothing bad happens when you’re over there but you can never be too careful.

Don’t use American Slang

Have you ever heard an American attempt an Irish swear or slang word? Well it sounds corny and just plain wrong. It’s the same for Irish people using American slang. Stay away from words like rad and awesome. Is that even what they say? Use the same beautiful Irish words you were born using. If someone asks how you are, say you’re grand. Afterall, they love us Irish over there so if anything try to use them twice as much as you normally would.

Keep in mind the portions

American portions are generally considerably bigger than the Irish equivalent so keep that in mind when you’re ordering your food. Before you know it you’re being rolled into an airplane or being transported by aircraft carrier back home.

Try to avoid politics

Many Americans are passionate about politics and called Donald Trump a stupid orange orangutan in front of them could lead to a pretty awkward encounter. I know it’s hard but try to bottle up your strong held beliefs when casually talking to strangers.

Get an ISIC Card

With an ISIC card you’ll get access to a tonne of benefits and discounts all over the world. Want to get grub in The Hard Rock Cafe on the cheap? We’ve got you sorted with 10% off. Heading to Hollywood and want a tour of Warner Bros studios. You’ll be able to see where they shot Friends with 15% off. You can even ride the wild roller coasters of Six Flags without breaking the bank. You’ll get much more from your holiday/J1 and you’ll also save yourself some dosh so sign up here –