The Perks Of Going Out:

1) The predrinks. Many have said that predrinks may actually be the better part of a night out and I have to say, they might just be right. Drinking games, the chats, blaring some tunes in the comfort of someone’s home, it’s all an essential part of the build-up to an amazing.

2) Looking for a college love? Well you’re not going to find it at home in bed, that’s for sure. Creeping about the dance floor with a few single mates is always an enjoyable adventure and you never know what might happen.

3) Dressing up. Who doesn’t love getting all dolled up and just making yourself feel fabulous? (Well trying to.) Fake eyelashes, tan, hair curlers, it’s all part of the fun.

4) A bit of a rave on the dance floor sure never hurt anyone and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Sing your heart out and dance till the lights come on. Yolo.

5) New friends. That friendly girl in the bathroom or that sound group of lads in the smoking area are all potential new buddies. Keep an open mind and you never know who you might meet. Future boyfriends or best friends, who knows?

6) Letting your hair down and just having fun are the key elements of a good night out. Forget all about those assignments and just enjoy yourself, even if it is only for one night. Make sure you appreciate it and go wild.

The Perks Of Staying In:

1) Being all snuggled up in a cosy onesie, fluffy socks and a mountain of big blankets will make for the most comfortable night-in of all time. No makeup or making an effort is another big plus. Do I really need to say anymore?

2) Lack of drama. Everybody knows the kind of drama a night out on the town entails, and by staying in the most drama you’re likely to encounter is finding out who really killed who in Love/hate. Lovely.

3) Takeaways. Nothing says a night-in like one large pizza and a portion of wedges. Feel free to eat until you burst with no one around to witness your monstrous yet entirely necessary ways.So I guess it’s time to tuck in then.

4) Sleep. For once in your college life, a proper sleep might actually be on the cards and it’s only then will you realize the true value of its magic. Feeling fresh the next day. Lecture at nine? Bring it on! Those bags under your eyes have finally disappeared and with all this new-found energy you are ready to take on anything the college world can throw at you.

5) Saving money. Before you even realize it with taxis, drink and club entry fees, a night out on the town really does add up. However, by staying in, the most you’re spending is the odd tenner on some grub which you will actually appreciate. Better choice.

Aoife Marnell