The country has made the executive decision to move from tier 3ish to tier 4.89.

Originally we could move from county to county and meet with people from one other household. It is now reported that after spinning the big wheel of different restrictions it has landed on tier 4.89.

Tier 4.89 states that people can only go 2Km away from their homes; bars, restaurants and gyms are closed but you can still nip into the shop when you’re on your daily government approved walk to get a sweetie… as a treat.

Irish public health physician, Tony Holohan announced last night that ‘the country is in a state of emergency. The pandemic is rampant after the Christmas break and we need the utmost vigilance right now… so maximum three sweeties when you go into any shop when you go on a walk over the next few weeks.’

The new restrictions will be in place upon revies in the next few weeks.

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