80% of students to vote in General Election


A whopping 80 per cent of students intend to vote in the General Election tomorrow.

According to a recent survey, 64 per cent feel that the current Government didn’t fulfill their promises. The vast majority want to see a big change in the way the country is run, but over one third remain unsure as how they will vote.

This information comes from a survey carried out by the Student Marketing Network, asking over 1,300 students between the ages of 18 and 26 what they want from the 2016 Election.

So what are the issues concerning those at third level?

It comes as no surprise that 85 per cent want to repeal the 8th Amendment, meaning they want the ban on abortion lifted in Ireland. Housing is another worry for the young people of Ireland, with many of them concerned about not being able to afford a house (or even rent!) in the years to come. And with the recent college housing crisis, who can blame ’em?

One issue that doesn’t appear to worry them is water charges, with over half admitting that a party’s stance on the charge wouldn’t deter them from voting for them.

The amount of students registered to vote is very high (84 per cent) but many admit to still not understanding how the Taoiseach is elected. 79 per cent also believe that Gerry Adams was an IRA member, despite the Sinn Féin leader’s denying he ever had any part in it.

Finally, just under a third of students asked feel that the next coalition will be Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

So, who will you be voting for tomorrow?


Jade O’Leary