Foras Na Gaeilge have once again decided to partner with the Smedias and are sponsoring two of our Irish language categories; Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Raidió agus Iriseoireacht Scríofa.

Foras Na Gaeilge were created in 1999 following the Good Friday Agreement with the aim of promoting the Irish language throughout the country.

The Irish language is a vital component of our cultural heritage and a cornerstone of our sense of self as a nation. Having an organisation working specifically to promote the use of this language in the public and private spheres is vital for the continued survival and growth of our national tongue.

Foras Na Gaeilge, are committed to the proliferation of the Irish language through all manner of promotion, though particularly through education and the media. As such having them working alongside the Smedias to sponsor two Irish language categories shows their commitment to their cause.

Our Irish language categories are always very hotly contested and this is in no small part thanks to their association with Foras Na Gaeilge. Having such a prestigious organisation sponsoring the Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Raidió agus Iriseoireacht Scríofa categories highlights both the desire among students to have a section of Irish media produced exclusively in our national tongue as well as illustrating the strength of demand for exclusively Irish language media.

As ever we are thrilled to have such a notable organisation as Foras Na Gaeilge involved in the awards, providing a fantastic opportunity for students to have their work recognised by industry professionals.

Check out the two categories sponsored by Foras Na Gaeilge to find out how to enter.
Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Raidió
Iriseoireacht Scríofa