We are delighted that Foras na Gaeilge sponsors the ‘Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Scríofa’ award at The National Student Media Awards!

Created in 1999 following the Good Friday Agreement, Foras na Gaeilge aim to promote the Irish language throughout the country. Sponsoring ‘Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Scríofa’ award and helping students get their work seen by industry professionals is one way Foras na Gaeilge does this.

The Irish language is a huge part of cultural heritage. It’s the foundation of our Irish identity! Having an organisation like Foras na Gaeilge working to encourage Irish speakers to speak Irish in the public and private spheres is vital for the continued survival of our national tongue.

Foras na Gaeilge is committed to the proliferation of the Irish language through all manner of promotion, though particularly through education and the media.

We are thrilled to partner with Foras na Gaeilge and be part of their great work.

Check out the ‘Iriseoireacht Trí Ghaeilge Scríofa’ category here.