You might not realise it, but the EU just happens to make student life much, much easier than it could be.

In the midst of 9am lecturers, mountains of assignments and scraping together your last few pennies for some KOKA noodles, this can be hard to believe but they really have done a number of things to help.

There’s a reason why such a high number of students in the UK voted against leaving the European Union back in 2016; when you look at some of the things it has implemented here since we joined in 1973, we might just be lost without it.

These are just some of the things we can thank the EU for as students. Don’t listen to Nigel Farage about this – he won’t be there to save you if some of these things happen to go missing!

Part-Time Working Conditions

Having a part-time job sucks when you’re studying, but unfortunately those cans of Prazsky won’t pay for themselves!

Students tend to get tossed around a bit when working, but it’d be a lot worse if it weren’t for the part-time working conditions the EU have introduced.

Directives introduced by the EU mean that students are in a position to work fair, part-time hours that suit their own needs, preventing employers from taking advantage of them unfairly.

It is also to illegal for an employer to dismiss any worker from transferring from full to part time work and vice-versa, particularly handy when you want to go from intense Summer work to more flexible hours during semesters.

Cheap & Easy Travel

If there’s one thing student love to do (at least judging from my friend’s Snapchat stories every weekend) is travel, and it’d be a nightmare without the EU.

For starters, the seamless way in which we are able to come and go from any country within the European Union wouldn’t even exist without it.

There’s also the countless other things the EU do to make your holidays all the easier, such as the removal of data roaming and not having to convert all your cash before you even buy yourself a pint.

Even if Ireland is undoubtedly the best country within the union (well, for the craic at least), us students would be a lot crankier without our hassle-free European getaways to look forward to. We have the EU to thank for that.

Better Environmental Policies

Not every student in the country might be a full-blown tree hugger, but you’d be mad to not see how the EU’s continued work for the environment benefits students in particular.

The EU has introduced a number of different policies to improve the environment here. Thanks to laws introduced, dumping raw sewage into the Irish sea is illegal,  improved recycling procedures have been introduced and Ireland has now committed to 80-95% of 1990 levels by the year 2050, under EU agreements.

Now, this might not seem too significant now but think about it; if this planet is on its way to disaster, it’ll be you and not your Dad or the cranky sod down in the local that has to deal with it.

We don’t want to be stuck with the mess, so for the sake of students if nobody else, the EU is doing a pretty good job at putting us on a better course for the future.


Yes, the European Union has gone a lot further than just making some ‘women’s Doritos’ to ensure a fairer, better life for women in all of its member states.

Since the inception of the EU, the organisation has continually strived to offer equal pay and conditions to working women across all sectors.

It has also been the driving force behind Irish legislation which has seen the introduction of things such as equal treatment concerning job applications, the protection of pregnant workers and the right to fair and paid maternity leave.

That’s not even including the countless ways life for women in politics, employment and education has improved under the jursidction of the EU. Those two letters have truly changed the lives of millions of people!


If a quick weekend away isn’t enough for you, Erasmus truly offers the opportunity for students to experience a different part of Europe,

Erasmus offers students, both in Ireland and around Europe an affordable and practical programme to study abroad in a country of their choice for one year.

Think your sociology degree is a bit dull? We’re sure studying by the scenery of the Swiss Alps or the heat of Barcelona would make it a bit more exciting!

Over 4 million Europeans avail of this opportunity this year; 4 million lives impacted, some changed forever, thanks to what the EU offers.

On top of all of these great benefits, the European Commission is offering a cash prize of €1,000 to the winner of the European Commission Award at this year’s SMEDIAs.