We’ve got some good news for you guys: The European Commission Category deadline has been extended until the 18th March 2016.

As if the incentive of winning a coveted Smedia as well as €1,000 prize wasn’t enough, being the winner of this category can lead to a lot of exciting opportunities.

We caught up with the winner of last year’s EU Commission Award, Stephanie Costelloe, to find out why exactly you should enter this category.


Where did you hear about the National Student Media Awards?

Well, the Smedia’s have acquired a kind of cult status among student journalists, almost everyone knows about them by now. Initially I heard of the awards from different lecturers who encouraged us to enter so we could benefit from the massive amount of exposure that winning an award brings.

Why did you enter the European Commission Category?

Funnily enough, I actually didn’t enter my article into the Smedias, I was always of the impression that my stuff wasn’t good enough or that I couldn’t compete on a national level. The editor of The Editon, DIT’s student newspaper, entered an article that I wrote about Erasmus on my behalf. I wasn’t even aware of this until the day the shortlist came out and I was absolutely flummoxed to learn that I had made the final cut! I guess the message is, don’t undersell yourself, go for it and have self belief!

How has winning the award helped you?

Winning a Smedia has given me invaluable self confidence in my abilities as a writer. Although I don’t necessarily agree with needing validation in the form of awards and ceremonies I would be lying if I said that it didn’t help me believe in myself a little bit more. Following on from my win, I had two articles published in The Irish Times, I now host a morning breakfast radio show every Tuesday called ‘Good Morning Dublin’ on Dublin City FM and I was invited to speak at The European Commission representation in Ireland! I also appeared on Irish TV, giving me my first real experience of television.

What did you think of the awards ceremony? 

The awards ceremony was great, there is such a contagious and palpable atmosphere on the night!  It’s so cool to be surrounded by peers who are creative and ambitious and going out into the world making things!


Make sure to get your entries in to us at 25/26 Windsor Place, Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 before it’s too late!