The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsors the ‘EPA Award for Journalism Relating to the Environment’ at The National Student Media Awards!

This award will be given to the student producing the best work that has brought environmental issues to students’ attention. Applications for this award can be a written piece, radio output, or a TV segment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensures Ireland’s environment is safeguarded and monitored for changes so they can detect early warning signs of neglect or deterioration.

Protecting our environment is of the utmost importance, EPA Ireland understands this. They protect our environment by enforcing environmental law, licensing and supporting campaigns like sponsoring this award.

We are delighted that EPA sponsors this award! Their sponsorship shows their support for students highlighting the environmental issues through high-quality journalism.

Join in on their conversation on Instagram to help protect our environment.

Submissions for this award close on April 15th.

Check out the full award details here.