We are proud to partner with the EPA at this year’s National Student Media Awards (Smedias). This year they sponsor “The EPA Award for Journalism Relating to the Environment”.

‘The EPA Award for Journalism Relating to the Environment’ is a new category that will feature at this year’s National Student Media Awards 2021

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent public organisation that scrutinises and ensures that Ireland’s environment is protected by monitoring changes in environmental trends and detecting early signs of neglect or deterioration.

The protection of our environment is a huge responsibility and EPA Ireland carries out a vast range of practices to protect the environment such as the enforcement of environmental law, licensing and supporting campaigns like sponsoring this award.

Zoë Backwell was last year’s recipient of this award. Since winning this award she has gone on to do a Masters in Media and Broadcast Production at Queen’s University Belfast.

Submissions for this category will be judged based on work that has brought students’ attention to environmental issues. Applications for this award can be a written piece, radio output, or a TV segment.

We would like to thank The EPA for their sponsorship and wish the best of luck to all of our entrants. Be sure to check out @epaireland on Instagram to join in on the EPA’s conversation.

Applications for The National Student Media Awards are now open!

For more details on how to enter click here.