Daft as Punk, the World’s no.1 Daft Punk experience took to the stage at The Grand Social in Dublin for two sold out shows last weekend.

My first thought walking into the venue was that a Daft Punk tribute act seemed a little out of place in The Grand Socials slightly grimy, punk-rock aesthetic. After walking through a few narrow hallways, I end up at the bar’s upstairs loft concert venue. Streamers and lights hanging from the ceiling create a circus-like feel. It’s an incredibly cool place to chill and have a drink, even though it can be a bit expensive.

When Daft as Punk finally emerge close to 1am, the cozy atmosphere of the loft immediately changes. The room is lit by an enormous triangular lighting system behind the two robot headed performers. Fans of the electronic music duo roar when they hear all the classic hits including Robot Rock and Around the World, as well as remixes of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Get Lucky.

There is never a dull moment in the impressive, two hour long set. The duo occasionally venture into the sold out crowd to dance, take pictures, and even take a swig of a few drinks before returning back to the stage.

All in all, Daft as Punk is a complete assault on the senses. After the show, I was left blinded by the lights and deaf from the thumping bass but it was worth it. Daft as Punk is must see for Daft Punk fans, as well as those just looking for an epic night out. Just be prepared to lose your hearing for a few days.

Written by Jack Brophy