The surgeon general has announced that all Irish college students have been diagnosed with a lack of empathy for secondary school students who can’t go back to their classrooms and an authentic educational experience.

As part of the nationwide restrictions the Irish government announced that secondary schools will not re-open until the end of January.

Mixed reactions came from secondary school students online when the news was announced. One student said, ‘Aw what? How will we keep on track with the curriculum now!?’. Another student said, ‘Ya-ho! Class. Who’s on Warzone tonight then?’

College students retaliated online to these tweets. One college student said ‘Shurrup ye little pup ya! I haven’t even got whiff of a desk chair since last September or even met my new college friends in the flesh.’

The Irish Public Health Physician, Tony Holohan says this harsh lack of empathy is only temporary but will likely linger indefinitely as long as secondary and third-level education remains as two separate communities.