The EU is great. As if helping to ensure some 60 years of peace on continental Western Europe, completely redeveloping the Irish economy and being largely responsible the renovation and development of our entire national infrastructure wasn’t enough, they only want to go and tuck a solid grand into your pockets! Lovely bunch.

The EU Commission Award returns to the Smedias and with it the chance for you to not only win yourself a prestigious Smedia award, but also to win a €1000 cash prize. What more could you be want?- Oh yes, the chance for your winning piece to be published in a regional or online paper!

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, looks utterly shocked to hear of the too hot prizes being dished out in his name.

The prize will be awarded to the best article which covers EU affairs and which was printed in a student publication since last year’s closing date for entries, March 2nd 2016. If an article is submitted where the publication date is over 12 months it may be admitted on the discretion of the European Commission Representation in Ireland. We don’t want to go out on too much of a limb here, but it’s fair to say that the 12 months since the last Smedias have been a pretty interesting time for politics so there really is a lot of topics that you could have covered.

The closing date for submissions to this year’s Smedias is March 2nd 2017, so if you’re interested in the award and the possibility of winning yourself €1000, there’s still plenty of time to get writing, so what are you waiting for!?

Below is list of areas that your article could incorporate. You must include at least one of the following:

  • Brexit
  • Agriculture and the CAP
  • Erasmus
  • 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome
  • The EU and migration
  • Digital agenda
  • Environmental Protection

For more information on how to enter, the rules of the competition or to download the application form check out the European Commission Award Smedias page for the full rundown!