Do you want to win not just a Smedia award, but €1,000 too?

What motivates someone is an interesting thing; for some it’s pride and glory, but there’s no shame in wanting to win some cold, hard cash.

If this sounds like you, this year’s European Commission award is what you need to pay attention to for the 2018 Smedia awards.

Despite what the lads across the water might want you to believe, we think that the EU has been fairly sound to Ireland, and they’re proving that once again by offering a whopping €1,000 to the winner of this award.

The prize will be awarded to a winning entrant who has had an article concerning EU affairs published in a student publication over the last 12 months – something which shouldn’t be too difficult given what a political whirlwind the last year has brought!

The 2017 winner of the European Commission Award, Billy Vaughan

As well as the fame, glory and sweet, sweet money on offer, the best article will also be published in either a regional or online publication (something your Granny will only be delighted to read and tell everybody she’s ever known about!)

Here’s the list of available topics your article could cover to be eligible for entry:

  • Future of Europe after Brexit
  • Agriculture and the CAP
  • Erasmus
  • Media
  • Digital economy
  • Environment and climate
  • Rural Development
  • EU migration policy

Full details for the award can be found on its category page here.

Entries will close on the 15th of March 2017. So get writing now, and €1000 could be yours very, very soon!