SMEDIAS: RSA Road Safety


The Road Safety Authority has kindly agreed to work in conjunction with the Smedias – again!

The RSA Award for Journalism on Road Safety proved a popular category for 2015’s entrants, and we received a lot of submissions concerning the issue of road safety.

If safer roads is a cause you feel passionately about, you should definitely enter. It can be a written piece, a radio piece or TV segment – whatever you fancy!

Last year’s winners, Sean Defoe and Eoin Sheehan, compiled a radio documentary that looked at learning to drive, and the safety of cyclists in Dublin City.

Sean believes that the award is an important one.

“The media is possibly the strongest way to get across the message to young drivers to stay safe on the road. We feel pretty invincible at times behind the wheel, but one slip or mistake and your life could change forever. Even if it only gets through to one person, that could be a life saved.”

You can download an entry form here.