Calling all radioheads – we are delighted to announce that the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland will once again be sponsoring two radio categories at this year’s Smedia awards!

The BAI partnered with the Smedias last year to sponsor both the Radio Production of the Year (News & Current Affairs) award and the Radio Production of the Year (Arts & Pop Culture) award and will be doing the same again in 2018.

It’s a privilege to be working alongside the BAI again this year, given all of the work they do to make the Irish media landscape as successful as it is today.

The BAI is the regulator of all forms of broadcasting in Ireland, responsible for licensing commercial radio and television services, as well making and upholding rules and codes for broadcasting.

The work they do goes far beyond that though; the BAI is constantly striving to achieving goals that will benefit both producers and consumers of media, some of which are directly beneficial to students in particular.

The group continuously work to facilitate a mix of voices, both young and old in Irish media as well as constantly increasing the variety of audio-visual media being produced in Ireland.

Long gone are the days where Irish radio and television was like that old bar down the street, where the unofficial age limit was 40 years old! It can be clearly seen how the influence of a younger generation is affecting Irish radio and television programming – we can thank the BAI for that.

Another goal of the BAI is the need for a sustainable media sector in Ireland. Anybody in Irish media will tell you that employment prospects are far greater for students than they were not too long ago.

As the BAI continues to support the achievement of a greater sustainability, a direct effect will be seen in the number and quality of students entering the audio-visual sector.

While students continue to innovate when producing content, as we will see in the entries for this year’s awards, the BAI will continue to support this innovation by constantly listening to what both the viewing/listening public and the creators behind the content are engaged with.

Given what the BAI sets out to do, it is only fitting that they are supporting the future of Irish broadcasting by sponsoring these two categories.

Previous students who have been involved in winning entries include Tommy Meskill, who is now working a presenter for RTE’s ‘News2Day’ and Alva Egan, who works as a production assistant in Chicago.

For full details on how to enter ‘Radio Production of the Year (News & Current Affairs)’, click here.
For full details on how to enter ‘Radio Production of the Year (Arts & Pop Culture)’, click here.