A peculiar gig was hosted to around 250 people in Hangar, Dublin on June 30th. Alden Penner and Michael Cera (Yes, that Michael Cera) walked out on to a stage with teenagers almost spilling over on to it.

Penner said he was very grateful and shocked with how quickly the concert sold out for the Workman’s Club, causing it to move to Vicar Street, then finally Hangar where more tickets could be purchased.

I caught up with Michael and Alden after the gig.

Hey guys! How are you?

Michael: Good!

Alden: Yeah, happy to be in Ireland for the first time.

Your Ep, Canada in Space was released yesterday, there are some amazing sounds in there. What were your goals when making this EP? Did you meet those goals?

Alden: Yep to make some crazy sounds and to push the boundaries of our creativity was big goal of the EP for sure. I’m quite happy with it. So yeah I feel like I met those goals.

Michael: Yeah, like Alden said our goal was to make something crazy while also having fun. There was no particular sound we wanted to make it was just something we’ve been meaning to get around to for a while because I really admire Alden as a musician.

Alden: Hey, thanks dog.

Can you talk me through how you guys came to together and work on this EP?

Alden: Sure. Me and Michael knew each other through our circle of musician friends mostly.

Michael: Yeah, we had jammed a couple of times and then Alden said “hey check out this demo I made” and I was like “aw cool, man”. Then I added a little bass and synth riff too it and we were like “heck, let’s just do a little EP.”

Are you happy with how tonight’s gig went?

Alden: Yeah, it was fun. We were over the moon with how quick it sold out so we were pretty relaxed coming into it knowing that people were enthusiastic to see us.

Michael: Yes, did you? Aren’t you glad you didn’t go see Taylor Swift playing down the street?