Interrailing is one of the best ways of seeing Europe. Jumping from hostel to hostel, dining on everything from Hungarian Goulash to the Czech pancake Palacinky is part of the fun. You might be hungover for half the trip but it’s still great craic. Here’s a bit of advice to keep you alive get the best out of your trip.

Don’t rush

Of course you want to see as much as you can but don’t make it your mission to see absolutely everything. Try to relax and enjoy the holiday. Live in the now and don’t get too bogged down by schedules. I just don’t understand those people that hightail around Europe like they’re on the run. Just chill lads.

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Don’t use a Passport as ID

Oh oh, I could have sworn my passport was in my back pocket?????

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Do you really want to be stuck in the Irish embassy trying to apply for temp passport while your mates are living it up in the Budapest Baths? Nah, I didn’t think so. Apply for an ISIC card and settle those fears. The ISIC card is the only internationally recognised student card and is also a valid ID. Speaking of which, you’ll also get a €100 off when you book your holiday with Interrailing Packages.Sound too good to be true…….well trust us, its not, apply for your card here –

Take Money in Different Forms

I know what you’re thinking. THIS TIP AGAIN??? Well we really can’t hammer home this one enough. We kind of like all of you and we don’t want you to be broke half way across the continent. If you’re unfortunate enough to lose money on a night out, you want to make sure you have a backup. Take both cash and card and keep your mula in different places. We’d also strongly advise you sign up to N26. Ever wonder why that cup of coffee cost so much? The answer is of course those dreaded foreign charges. Well you can avoid that and a whole lot of other shenanigans by signing up to N26. No foreign charges = happier Prague me. Avail of a stress free holiday by signing up 🙂

Book your accommodation in advance

This sounds sort of obvious but it’s important if you don’t want to be sharing a bed with 3 strangers in a rat infested hostel. There’s plenty of nice hostels that don’t cost the earth and I’d personally recommend Wombats. Places book of quick this time of year so put your mind at rest and book early cause you’re going to need your shut eye.

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Go easy on the souvenirs

Ask yourself how much your Mam really wants a fridge magnet with a picture of Warsaw on it. Try to avoid spending too much money in those gimmicky, often overpriced souvenir shops that are everywhere in European cities. Save your money for those nights out and some good grub. Your parents will forgive you for a Duty Free bottle of wine.

Pack Lightly

You really don’t want to be lugging heavy bags with you every time you move city. Think essentials. Leave the laptop behind. The ski gear definitely won’t be necessary and we’re sure you can cope without that box of Tayto Crisps you wanted to bring. Most European cities are much hotter than Dublin this time of year so bring light, comfortable clothing and maybe some rain gear just in case you get unlucky.

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