A member of the Irish government has refused to reimburse third-level students or reduce their college fees even though they’ve basically had no access to on-campus facilities.

Generation Y, Ireland’s leading youth marketing agency found in survey of 1000 students that 94% of the students survey believed that college fees should be lowered this year due to lockdown.

One student took to Twitter and said that ‘the situation is dire lads. Why am I paying €3K a year to sit at home. I have no access to student, writing and counselling centres. Not to mention I missing on the social aspect of university. Give at least some of that money back.’

A government member took to Twitter to reply to the students claims. ‘Ah no, I’m grand I don’t think I will.’

The figure regarding the students who believed that colleges fees should be reduced is true but the rest is a bending of the truth from our in-house gas cuntist. Hopefully students will see some sort of reimbursement when this is all over.

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