1) Make A Budget

I promise you that this list will most assuredly get more helpful or nuanced but right now let us get the obvious out of the way, make a budget. They’re not sexy, they’re not fun but they’re necessary. I understand the last thing you want to do before going on holidays to celebrate the fact that you finished(and potentially failed) your exams but they help. Keep them vague if you have to, like having expenditure caps for different days. MAKE-A-BUDGET so you don’t end up tapping your card to your heart’s content.

2) Don’t be Afraid to Cook

Agghhhh! I know we sound like no fun and look you don’t have to have to make some sort of gourmet dish while you’re hungover in Spain, but a little fry will do you a world of good. There’s this kind of presumption that while abroad you ALWAYS have to eat out and that’s just not true or financially frugal. That money adds up quick, trust us. Even if you just made your own breakfast every day while away you’ll save so much money. Cheeky toastie, can’t go wrong.

3) Book Last Minute, Book Smart

So first off let me just say that this is probably the riskiest piece advice of I’m going to be giving you today, but also simultaneously it offers the greatest award. Let’s take it step by step. There a lot of tricks to saving when it comes to travelling, like always use google incognito so your cookies aren’t being tracked or booking your flights on Tuesday’s because that’s typically the cheapest day to fly. But our biggest piece of risky advice is to wait last minute to book flights, accommodation, whatever really! This is because people tend to cancel due to poor organisation, which means quite often rooms, flights etc suddenly become available quite late in the game and typically for very cheap.  It’s not a guaranteed trick and could end up costing you more in the long run but when it works, it REALLY works.

4) Beware of hidden costs

Obviously, the specifics of this one changes depending on where you’re off to, but the point still stands across the board. There are hundreds of ways you’re being charged on holidays that you probably don’t even realise. For example, did you know that if you kept every receipt for anything you bought in America you can get a tiny reimbursement because you’re getting taxed as an American citizen when you shouldn’t be. And don’t forget the little-added fees you get charged for using your card abroad. Our advice would be to sign up for N26, you get no added charges for using your card abroad and I think they’re even doing a competition giveaway right now on Instagram for any new sign-ups.

5) Avoid Tourist Traps

Like the fucking plague! Hmmm, what’s the best way I could possibly explain this? Okay, imagine you, as a broke college student decided to go for a night out in Temple Bar! Crazy right? 7 quid for a pint of Guinness, not a chance. That’s exactly what locals see when you and your mates get overcharged abroad. My advice would be to try avoiding tourist spots as much as you can and just go where the locals go. Not only is it cheaper but it’ll probably offer a more authentic experience as to what it’s really like to live in that place.