10 ways to sneak drink into a nightclub

The cost of living has increased exponentially in the last five years. One faction of society that has been hit the hardest is the students. Even during the ‘good times’, students always lived a precarious life in terms of their financial position. However, with the rise in fees and rent, some handy shortcuts can make all the difference in living a comfortable lifestyle now more than ever.

One of the most costly ventures for a student is a night out in town (whether that town is Dublin, Galway, Limerick, or Cork). Everything has to be taken into account when you are letting off steam. Whether it is taxis or finding funds for a new outfit to ensure the shift, these aspects can add up and leave the pockets empty.

One avenue that trumps all in burning a hole in your pocket is the price of drink. The cost of a humble pint is more than your daily food allowance, and a round of shots can leave you in poverty.

We are here to help though. This list will help you bypass the high price of drink in pubs and clubs to make sure you have the most cost-effective night out.

1. The most primitive of our methods is the simple duct tape. Get yourself a hip flask and slap some duct tape to your thighs. If you walk around like John Wayne with a bad case of the Johnny Giles, then the bouncers will not suspect a thing.



2. The Holy Bible will not only get you into Heaven but it will also get you in a club for a cheaper night out.



3. No one likes to talk about periods and no one likes to check tampons for alcohol. This will be a sure way to sneak some booze in with your bag.



4. iPhones are big with you kids these days. However, I think the new trend will be the iFlask.



5. This one will only be useful for getting into a Swedish House Mafia gig.



6. The Wine Rack. You’ll have the whole club sucking at your teat for the night.


7. The Whizzinator. You’ll have the whole club sucking at your dodger for the night.


8. The hairbrush. Nothing suspicious looking here.


9. The Golf Pro. Stand out from the crowd with a set of golf clubs. There will be enough drink in this bad boy to make Rory McIlroy look like Ryan Gosling.


10. I’m not sure about the logistics of this one but if you can figure it out then be my guest.